Starting up in an economic downturn

Thinking about starting a business or buying a business but you’re unsure of these “economic” times? Just look at the other Arkansas start ups that were born out of hard times in this article by David J. Sanders:

Starting up in an economic downturn

Only the strong survive economic downturns like the one we’re in now. And sometimes, seemingly clairvoyant individuals – entrepreneurial, inventive and resourceful – demonstrate vision and know-how by starting up enterprises that succeed during difficult times.

While many companies file for bankruptcy or vanish altogether during recessions, others can trace their beginnings back to depressed economic periods. At least six Arkansas-based companies fit that criterion:

  • Murphy Oil
  • Deltic Timber
  • Baldor Electric
  • Tyson Foods
  • Dillard’s
  • Wal-Mart

The one-time start-ups turned publicly traded companies are the focus of a new policy memo from the Arkansas Policy Foundation entitled, “The Darkest Hour is Before Dawn,” in which the group’s executive director, Greg Kaza, captures those companies’ humble beginnings.

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