What “darker side” of Dickson Street?

On the Fayetteville Flyer the community is discussing the recent coverage by 40/29 of the “Darker Side of Dickson Street” which you can read and watch here. Here is a clip from the article at FayettevilleFlyer.com written by Todd Gill:

40/29 News’ Tiffany Stewart recently was allowed to follow the Fayetteville Police Department as officers patrolled the Dickson Street area one evening. The report aired this weekend and twice referred to a “darker side” of Dickson while showing footage of a few kids who’d had too much to drink and were being arrested for public intoxication or disorderly conduct.

To be honest, I just shook my head and nearly forgot all about it … until this afternoon. As I was skimming through some Twitter messages, I noticed that The Morning News’ Skip Descant was covering today’s Advertising and Promotion Commission discussion which was centered around the future of the Walton Arts Center.

It seems to me that 40/29 is misinforming in an effort to pull the Walton Arts Center into Benton County? Businesses are flocking to the Down Town Fayetteville Area & the Chamber is doing a great job! This report has some local business owners wondering “Where is the ‘rest of the story’?”

You be the judge. Check out the comments from the community at the FayettevilleFlyer.com!


One Response to What “darker side” of Dickson Street?

  1. EdnaRose says:

    The Bearcats won without former head coach Butch Jones and both coordinators who helped guided them in the direction of postseason. Kay, who set a Belk Bowl record with four touchdown passes and was named the game’s MVP, called it a huge win. It’s really been chaos in your last month … pure chaos, Kay said. We’ve played it off for it hasn’t been even so was pure chaos by the time we found out (Jones) he was leaving. Almost as chaotic as their latest win. With the score tied at 34 and Duke driving for one go-ahead score, Snead fumbled and Kay capitalized with his go-ahead scoring pass to Kelce. Nick Temple capped the wild finish along with a 55-yard interception return with 14 seconds left.

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