Nursery Sales Growing

Dorothy Bradley says gardening has always been a part of her life. “It’s just a pleasure. It’s seeing it grow, seeing it beautiful and everybody comes and admires it and you make a lot of friends that way you know,” Bradley says. Bradley is a veteran flower planter, but gardening may be recruiting some first-time planters this year. Barbara’s Gardens Co-Owner Kevin Rooney says his average sales are double what they were a month ago. “People are getting a lot more practical about how they spend their money and I guess being more frugal rather than frivolous.” Rooney says his family is skipping a vacation this year and will be spending more time around the house. He believes many other families will do the same. “I think that more than anything people are maybe spending their money differently and beautifying their surroundings,” he says. With bad news about the economy and now the swine flu, Rooney says people need something cheerful in their lives, and flowers are an inexpensive pick-me up.

via KNWA


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