OBAMA VOWS TO CUT $100,000,000 FROM $3,550,000,000,000

Note: I would like to put this in context… A cut of $100 million from $3.5 trillion budget is like you purchasing a $3,550 flat screen TV & surround sound system. Because you didn’t tell her, your wife gets mad so you say, “Ok, ok. I will take back this…” and you hold up a $0.10 piece of bubble gum. Don’t be fooled.


WASHINGTON (AP) – A senior administration officials says President Barack Obama is ready to ask federal department and agency chiefs to find $100 million to cut from the budget when he holds his first formal Cabinet meeting.

The official previewed Topic A for Monday’s Cabinet meeting on grounds of anonymity because it will be a private session. He said Obama will be reminding Cabinet members that financially-pressed families are looking to the government to spend their money wisely.

The president’s first formal Cabinet meeting is being held just days after a series of “Tea Party” demonstrations across the country in which protesters challenged the administration over it’s massive spending. A cut of $100 million in a multitrillion-dollar federal budget likely will be criticized by Obama’s opponents as inadequate.

via AP

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