Good Economic News For NWA

With national reports touting fewer layoffs on the horizon and consumer demand up for products produced by endangered species like American automakers — at least for today — the economy is better off than yesterday — locally as well. Economists say there are a few reasons Fayetteville remains new business friendly. First, Wal-Mart, JB Hunt and JB Hunt. Companies that are doing well and pay employees accordingly. Those employees have disposable income that may very well end up in the pockets of new business owners. Second — cheap rent. Folks offering commercial property for lease aren’t charging the rent the may have a couple of years ago during the NWA boom. Finally, the area — like much of the country — is filled with skilled workers looking for work. Meaning a new business won’t have to pay as much for good help as they might during a better economic outlook.

via KNWA


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