How Small Businesses Are Using Technology to Get Ahead

Deals are scarce and rustling up customers is tougher than ever, so many small businesses are finding it challenging to turn a profit. One way they’re making it happen is by turning to technology.

Valerie King-Bailey runs OnShore Technology Group, Inc, an internationally known firm out of Chicago, and uses the Web to market for herself and her clients. She says the key to her success is using advanced technology.

“Lots of firms are using Facebook — it’s an excellent way, free of charge, to market your own company,” said King-Bailey.

King-Bailey joined the University of Wisconsin group on Facebook and got two new clients there.

“Small businesses are constantly trying to level the playing field, and they don’t have the deep pockets that large firms do,” she noted.

One way King-Bailey helps her clients to get exposure is using cellphones as marketing tools.

“I started to get ideas from the Obama campaign; he used a lot of social networking, blogs, podcasts,” she said.

She started using technology, which makes Web sites easier to view and navigate on cellphones, to get her clients more exposure on the cellphone.

King-Bailey also uses Blogs, Twitter and podcasts to get the word out about her clients.

When small businesses have small budgets, these new technologies work the best.

“Setting up a blog is free,” said King-Bailey. “And connecting the blog to a Web site is called ‘syndicated technologies.’”

She says putting a blog on a company’s Web site increases traffic for both. In some cases, sales went up 20% for her clients.

“A blog is conversational, it’s not written in marketing ease,” said King-Bailey. “It’s excellent way to get your message across.”


NOTE: If you have any questions on how to do this for  your business, just give me a call. I’d love to talk you through the process. You will find it SUPRISINGLY easy!


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