The Making of Crystal Bridges

BENTONVILLE – Those who have stopped by Crystal Bridges at the Massey for an exhibit have, no doubt, seen the three-dimensional model of the 100-acre campus and facility that will be the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Photos chronicling the museum’s construction in northeast Bentonville continue to be posted in the temporary downtown exhibit space, while renderings have been plastered all over the Internet, in a display at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, in tourism brochures and even in international art magazines and journals. To say expectations for Crystal Bridges are running high would be an understatement. “It’s impossible to even comprehend how big this is going to be man will attempt, as part of a free, public lecture set for 5:30 tonight at the Bentonville Public Library, to introduce residents to the facility as never before.

“I am going to take the audience on a journey through much of our early travels around North America learning ‘best practices’ from a wide range of art museums,” Workman explained. “Then we will explore the museum architecture of Moshe Safdie, ending with an update on construction.”

via Daily Record


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