Bentonville School District to cut budget

BENTONVILLE – A proposed list of budget cuts being presented this morning will reduce the Bentonville School District’s budget by nearly $3 million.

The Bentonville School Board’s Personnel Committee will meet at 11:30 a.m. in the Central Administration Office. The committee will receive a proposed list of reductions for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. If the list is approved today, it will go before the full board March 16 for approval, according to a memo from Superintendent Gary Compton.

“After an unprecedented 10-year run, it is time for us to reposition ourselves for what could be some very difficult years ahead. All of us have questions – and there are very few answers,” Compton wrote. “In these uncertain times it is best, in my opinion, to step back and reconsider areas where we might want to spend money differently than we have in the past.

“All great organizations need to reinvent themselves from time to time, and this is our opportunity to do so. We are not in crisis mode in any way – this is simply the right time to rethink and reconsider areas in which we spend large sums of money.”

via Daily Record

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