Justice Jewelers Forced to Close?

Watch the VIDEO: Justice Jewelers Forced to Close? – KNWA

Well-known jeweler Woody Justice says he has been forced by his bank to close his doors in Rogers after three years of what he calls “successful business.”

“They basically made the decision for us and told us that they didn’t have confidence in us doing business in Rogers in the next few years,” says Justice, owner of Justice Jewelers. “They forced us to shut it down.”

Justice says his bank threatened his line of credit if he didn’t shut down his shop in the Scottsdale Center. He also says banks are doing this to jewelers across the country.

“They’ve lost a ton of money because of their own greed and stupidity and now we get to pay the consequences,” says Justice.

Justice told us what makes him most upset is sales were increasing in each of the three years he was in Northwest Arkansas. And even as he plans to close by the end of May; he has no regrets about his Arkansas experience.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about our experience down there at all,” explains Justice. “It was a wonderful decision; just bad timing”

Business hours were ending as we were uncovering this story so we weren’t able to talk to a bank or Rogers officials on Thursday.

Watch the VIDEO: Justice Jewelers Forced to Close? – KNWA

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