In Wake of EDS Purchase, H-P Will Cut 24,600 Jobs

Hewlett Packard said Monday that it will cut 24,600 jobs, about 7.5 percent of its workforce, as it integrates Electronic Data Systems Corp. EDS, which it bought in May.

H-P announced it would buy EDS, a technology services company with an office in Little Rock, for $25 per share, or about $13.9 billion.

In a news release, H-P said the job cuts would come over the next three years. Most of the cuts will come from EDS. About half those cuts will affect jobs in the U.S., the company said.

But it also added that it expects to replace “roughly half” of those jobs over the next three years “to create a global workforce that has the right blend of services delivery capabilities to address the diversity of its markets and customers worldwide.”

H-P announced in June that it would build a customer support center in Conway and employ about 1,200 people.

In Wake of EDS Purchase, H-P Will Cut 24,600 Jobs – Arkansas Business


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